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Our Story 

Official Home of Australian Shepherds WITH TAILS

We are so glad that you have found our page. Here is our story, about our family, our beliefs on breeding, and what makes our program special! 

Our Program

The first 10 weeks of a puppies life is truly their foundation for the rest of their life.

So what makes our program different?

We believe in breeding ONLY with purpose!

It is so important to pair up parents accordingly to help insure a well rounded puppy.

The first year and half is our time to observe the parents to make sure their disposition, structure, and temperament fit our program before even breeding! This also helps reassure us of their offspring when the parents are well mannered and follow our criteria for our program. This process is in hopes to set a puppy up for success, as the saying goes "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." We do not breed to breed.... we breed with purpose and lots of thought behind this! 

Some of our bloodlines go five generations deep, with that said, this is what sets us apart as we know their lineage and temperament SO VERY WELL. Knowing a dogs family history is vital information while breeding. It is truly almost science to how we pair our sires and dams, it is such a huge thought process!

We believe in retiring our males and females by 3-4 years old.  Depending on their recovery the females may only have two litters sometimes only one litter

A female  that recovers well we will get four litters. 

We do a spay and neuter contract and will rehome them for free.

They deserve one on one attention and NOT to be breed. Some times we do have females that have only had one litter and we will ask a price for them as they are young and well trained dogs. Some dams don't recover well or  do NOT have the motherly instinct and it is not our mission to try to force them to be mama dogs. Not only is it stressful for them, it is also a stressful experience for us to hand feed puppies every 2 hours through the day and night!!! So of course, we try our best to not put us all in that situation. Most of our dams LOVE being mama's and truly enjoy their bonding time with their pups... but of course when we have some that don't. We will then try to find a great PET home where they can thrive and be in a successful setting and home.

We do NOT Sell with Breeding Rights

It is our mission to preserve 3/W bloodlines and lineage to JUST our farm and to create an experience that no other breeder offers!

Breeding is a HUGE responsibility and not for everyone.


Our program strongly honors the health and body of our females and we retire them at a very young age.

The care of Mama dogs prior and post delivery is a very specialized nutritional diet that we have perfected over the years for their recovery.  This could not be done by first time breeders, this has taken years to perfect!

Not only that, we bring these precious babies into the world  it's our duty to do the best by them in raising, training, caring for them and above all..... placing them with families to set them and their future family up for a healthy puppy/adult dog and a well trained puppy.  Again, this is something a beginner breeder wouldn't have the knowledge of .  We want to control the outcome of any 3/W bred mama dog and pups so, yes, we control the rights on breeding.   

We have built our program up over 30 years of experience and a Family Business of  Three Generations.  We are very Passionate and Proud of our program and this is why we Preserve the rights to breeding and keep it just on our Farm!  

Our Clients

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