3W Farms "Ring"


Blue Merle Male 

DOB 8/28/20 

25 lb 


"Ring" is just one cool dude!   He is going to make someone one heck of a companion dog, I'm sure going to miss this guy.  "Ring" will absolutely not leave your side and has a laser focus on where you're at and what you're doing at all times, he LOVES his humans very deeply and such a people pleaser! 
"Ring" is a gentle soul and can get his feelings hurt easily if you raise your voice or by another dog that don't particularly like  his friendliness,  he is incredibly kind and loves everybody!  
The ONLY reason we are considering rehoming "Ring" is because he's too small for our program.  His size is perfect for the person that travels or a house dog.  He's big enough to keep up with you step for step outside if you're an active person and want that, yet small enough for portability