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*See a puppy you like? 
Go to bottom of page and claim your pup with a
$300 nonrefundable deposit
  - be sure to put name of pup!
-We also accept Zelle, CashApp, ApplePay or, 
a good old fashion Check or Cash!  

PLEASE NOTE:  The difference in pricing is because of age or color.  Merles are higher than Tri colors.  Once a pup gets over 14 weeks they get overlooked and we reduce their price.  What people don't realize is that the older pups actually work greatly in your favor because they have more training, house broke, more vaccinations.  Nevertheless, people still tend to overlook the older pups and that reflects their price. 

Make A Deposit on a pup! 

*Please Note* there is a 4% CC Fee

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