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Beans x Gidget
ASDR Mini Aussie
DOB 10.20.23
Estimated Maturity Weight under 20 lbs

Red Merle Male

If you're looking for the coloring and looks of a standard Aussie in a portable size then "Dennis" is the boy for you!
"Dennis" is absolutely gorgeous! 
We think so highly of  Dennis' looks and demeanor that we were going to keep him  for our Program.  We have regretfully decided to let him go as we don't have the time right now.
"Dennis" is at the perfect stage to transition easily to your home and Family.  He's already through the "teething" stage and doing awesome with his housebreaking and no accidents, he's such a smart pup! 
"Dennis" is going to be an excellent companion pup and traveling buddy!  He loves to go and be right by your side, personality PLUS!!   

3/W Farms "Gidget"
3/W Farms 
Kings Queens and "Beans"
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