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Featured Pup!
AKC Blue Merle Male 
DOB 8.17.23
Estimated Maturity Weight 50 lbs
3W Farms 
Precocious "Peeta"
3/W Farms 
True "Grit"

FIRST OFF- his nose and eyelids will all fill in to be black and you can already see his eyeliner coming in

Don't let the name fool you.  "Trouble" is the most sweet, soulful boy .....ever!
He is great with kids and very gentle.  
Trouble will be your typical Aussie that don't leave your side and have his eyes on you at all times, very LOVING and very LOYAL!  
"Trouble" has done great with his house breaking on our facility and we will go over the steps with you.  
"Trouble" has an on/off switch where he can keep up with you step for step whereever you're going and shut it off and be a little snuggly pup inside! 
We love Trouble's even temperment he's  just a really kind, sweet pup is the best way to describe him!  
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