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AKC Standard Aussie
Blue Merle Male 
Estimated Maturity Weight
50-55 lbs
DOB 2.24.2

"Jasper" is everything you could possibly want in an Australian Shepherd.  Incredibly SMART, LOYAL and KIND!  This guy WILL NOT leave your side and will be your FAITHFUL COMPANION no matter where you go!  

BE SURE TO WATCH VIDEO!  It demonstrates how incredibly smart and intuitive "Jasper" is and how he doesn't take his eyes off of you!  He's like a magnet to your legs and when you stop, he stops, sits and looks right at you for approval and what you want him to do next. 

I have no doubt that "Jasper" could go into any Service Program and really excel in it.....his level of intuition and connection to his humans is just amazing, he really studies your face and's really incredible! 

Aussies just never cease to amaze us and "Jasper" is the epitome of the breed! 

We can't wait to see who the lucky Family is that claims "Jasper," ...just like all our pups we love to stay connected to the Families and can't wait to see the years of joy and fun that "Jasper" will bring you. 

*FYI...If you're a beach or lake person, Jasper LOVES Water,  he also loves exploring/hiking with you, no leash ever needed.....his recall is INSTANT, but he very rarely gets 5 feet away from you, lol!  

Lots of random photos at different angles so you can see how unique his coat color and pattern is 
Baby Jasper
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