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Helping REHOME!  

ASDR Small Standard Aussie
Estimated Maturity Weight 40 lbs

"Juniper" is currently located in 
Ashburn, VA 
(can also arrange for delivery,
or you can pick up at the home
and will give you their address
by request)

Juniper was born on
Aug 26, 2023
bred and raised by us,
3/W Farms
*She is 12 weeks old
*Has all Vaccines but last DHPP

Unfortunately two pups at the same time wasn't a good idea so they need to rehome "Juniper"
Juniper is a sweet, sweet pup that has a very calm, quiet demeanor. 
"Juniper" would work best in a quiet home that just wants a companion dog.
"Juniper" is a more timid pup so she will take a little longer to bond and trust you but once she does you will have a "Velcro Dog!"   If you aren't willing to give her a chance to build that trust and bond then she's not the pup for you.  If you want that bouncy, trouncy, jump all over you pup, then she's not the pup for you!  This is a sweet, quiet girl that needs a chance to connect and I have ZERO doubts that she won't, we have never had an aussie that wasn't "your shadow" some just need a little more time than others, our best Aussies were the timid ones!  
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