PLEASE DO NOT FILL OUT THE WAITLIST APPLICATION IF YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS ABOUT ADOPTING. We receive applications daily and it's a lot to keep up with so we appreciate your commitment to the application.

In an effort to keep our Waitlist organized we have created a very simple and streamlined waitlist application that has a date and time stamp on each one as they come in and we will use this as our guideline to follow up with each client.

At 3/W Farms we don't believe in taking deposits before the pups are born. 

  1. We don't want to tie your money up in case the perfect pup
comes along for your Family before ours are born.
  2. If we don't have the specific pup you're looking for there's no
point in keeping your money that long to only be returned.

We are very excited for your consideration of a 3/W Pup and we look forward to working with you!  

Jim, Stacey, Cody and Lana 


Australian Shepherds of 3/W Farms Waitlist Application 
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