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on your
3/W Farms Fur Baby!
Here is a list of items to prepare for an easy transition and some tips. 

Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for directions and to get a visual of our place so you don't go in the wrong driveway.
Potty Training

All 3/W Pups are House Broke on our facility and if you stay very diligent they will transition and be the same in your home! 

1.  If possible, roll up all area rugs and keep your pup off carpeted areas.  
With area rugs and carpet you don't want your pup to feel the softness under their feet and think that it's their grassy area.  Once they mark that spot their scent is there and may make it difficult to establish your area of going to potty. 

2.  Crate training works if you prefer to Crate at night.  We will send pads home that they are familiar with.  
  *We do like to be very transparent in letting you know that Aussies are incredibly attached to you and may possibly cry at night to be with you, it will pass within a few days but you may lose a few nights of sleep....HANG IN THERE!  

*If you don't crate, we have our pups on a 10PM-6AM schedule and they don't wake up until then, they will be very content if by you and usually put themselves to bed if you have a nice soft, cozy area designated for them.

* As soon as they wake up in the morning be sure to get them out the door.  We always say "lets go" as we walk out the door to take them outside. 

3.  We Train to the "Bell Method" where they tap the bell to go outside.  Here is what we use or you can use any bell, some even use a post office dinger bell.

Click here to order bell 
4.  Through the day we recommend that you take your puppy out every few hours.   Always be aware of signs that they are ready to go,  usually it's fast sniffing or circling.
Always take your pup to the door and tap the bell with their paw and say "Let's Go!"   

*If Crate Training Please Order the "Snuggle Puppy" to help your baby not feel so isolated.
*We also send a blanket with our scent, mama scent and litter mates scent as well.
Screen Shot 2023-04-01 at 12.47.29 PM.png
Food and Probiotics
1.  Aussies are grazers, we feed  free choice, they can eat what they want when they want.  We use gravity feeders or just put a FULL bowl out for them to go eat at anytime they want. 
WE HAVE NEVER had a problem with them overeating! 

2.  We feed Purina ProPlan Puppy"Lamb and Rice"  and we even keep our adults on the puppy blend as they like the smaller kibble.  
You can get this at PetSmart, Tractor supply, Chewy, Amazon and possibly your local feed store. 
Screen Shot 2023-07-30 at 12.58.37 PM.png
3.  We like to keep our puppies and adult dogs on probiotics.  Their gut health is their whole health.  Our Probiotic of choice is "Pro-Pectalin!" 
We feed a pill daily that is like a treat to them.  They may not eat it out of your hand for the first week so it is very important to order the tube "Pro-Pectalin" and give your new pup a dose a day until gone.
Their gut will be upset from the transport and their new environment so it's VERY IMPORTANT that you order a tube for the first week to help soothe their  gut and eliminate possible diarrhea. 
Grooming ~ Flea Treatment ~ Heart Worm Preventative 
Aussies have the most amazing coat!  They have a lot of natural oils in their skin and coat so they are always glossy, they don't carry a whole lot of dander and stay amazingly clean.  Really, the only time they need bathed if they just smell like a wet dog from weather, swimming or have rolled in something.  

Your pup will go home bathed, treated for fleas and toe nails trimmed.  Your pup will  be trained to baths and a blow dryer and won't be fearful when you do decide to bathe.

We always get complimented on how good our pups smell, this is our "go to" shampoo and finishing spray.  We order it off of,  you guessed it, Amazon (lol)

Click here for Shampoo (we don't dilute as directed, use it straight)
Flea Treatment
We personally don't like topical or collars for flea/tick treatments.  The residue gets on you and furniture and we just haven't had good experience with the longevity of treatment with topical applications or a collar. 

Our "Go-To" flea treatment is by far..."BRAVECTO!"  This can be bought at the vet only and we get a good 3 to 4 months out of it!  It also is a preventative for ticks. 

*When the puppy is 16 weeks old you will be able to begin with Bravecto (one month treatment.)
*When they are 6 months old then you can start the longer Bravecto treatment that last 3 to 4 Months! 

Until the puppy is old enough for Braveto we do CAPSTAR weekly.
*Capstar can be purchased at Tractor Supply, any Pet Store Chain, Amazon and Chewy
Heart Worm Preventative 
Aussies are VERY sensitive to Ivermectin! 
Ivermectin can be found in a lot of the Heart Worm Preventatives on the market today. 
Our Heart Worm treatment of choice would be "Interceptor!"
Your vet will know that your pup is an Aussie and is aware of their Ivermectin Sensitivity (commonly referred to as MDR1 Sensitivity) and will know not to prescribe anything with Ivermectin.
Your pup will be introduced to the basics of sitting and staying. 
If you look through our pictures of our pups, it easily demonstrates their politeness and how the learn early to sit and stay.  Taking pictures of a pup is no easy task but an Aussie pup makes our job so much easier!  
Aussie's greatly react to praise and that's all we have to do for reward at this point.  When you do decide to get into more extensive training we use treats called "Wholesome Rewards" 
By this point you have probably have figured out you need to open an Amazon account (lol)....yes, we order this from Amazon as well (pretty sure our UPS driver can't stand us) 
Most Aussies get their feelings hurt very easily and they are a very submissive breed, your could easily ruin an Aussie with Aggressive, Loud actions.  Training is so incredibly easy with them because they are such "people pleasers"....we have never had an Aussie we had to use force with.  They are Kind, Soulful dogs and react quickly to calm, consistent training!!   
Some puppies teethe a lot, some don't hardly teethe at all.  We can't determine how much one may teethe over another but we can give advice on how to deflect it.  Always have "Bully Sticks" and chew toys available.  
If they are teething out of boredom give them a good 15 minute play or walk outside.
One thing puppies love to teethe on is the narrow legs of furniture, we recommend putting Solo Cups on the bottom of your chair legs to protect them for the time being. 
If your pup is teething and chewing on you, don't allow that.  Deflect with a firm "NO!"  If the pup continues to chew on you try a sprayer bottle with water.  
DO NOT feed any RAWHIDE TREATS!  Dogs can't digest RAWHIDE well therefore we highly recommend against it! 
Collars and Leashes
This is optional if you want to start Collar and Leash training.  It comes very quickly training to a collar/harness.  Apply very little pressure and once they respond and take a step, praise them!  Aussies react quickly to praise and it won't take long to train them to a collar/harness.  
We can assure you, like all Aussies, your pup won't leave your side so don't be fearful of them running off if you're traveling home and when you get home.  They are instantly connected to you and rely on you for confidence.  It's just an Aussie thing and that is what makes them such GREAT  DOGS, they are VELCRO dogs!   You will have a Shadow for a good 12 to 14 years! 
All pups come with a 30 DAY "FREE" Health Insurance Policy. We require you to activate your Policy on your pup 24 hours before delivery or pick up.  Your Insurance Policy will fall off after the 30 Days and you're under no obligation whatsoever.  
Click Here to Activate Insurance
(go to "offers tab"and key in code) 
Code : BR1AS61720 

Microchip, Vaccinations, Portfolio and Care Bag
We set you and your pup up for a very smooth and HEALTHY transition.  We do keep our puppies longer than most to guarantee good health and peace of mind for you and us!
Your pup is currently on a strict weekly rotation schedule with worming until it goes home and will be clear of parasites and worms.  
Your pup will have a Parvo Vaccination at week four and week five. 
We then start the loaded puppy series Vaccinations at week seven and week nine (DHPP.)   
Depending on the pup we sometimes keep them through 16 weeks to get the last DHPP vaccination in, not only does this save you trips and money to the vet vaccinating your pup but assures you in a healthy puppy and healthy Adult dog. 
The first 16 weeks of a puppies life cycle is critical to good health.  It's our job to build up good immunities and good stomach bacteria so that you have a fun, enjoyable pup to welcome into your home and not any worries of catching anything or having issues with their tummy!  

Your portfolio that goes home with your puppy will have their baby picture, microchip information and tag, a detailed medical chart with dates of what we have done and when, dates mapped out for you to follow, pictures of parents, insurance information, registration papers, contract, tips on raising your pup and everything we covered above.

We send your pup home with Food, Bowls, Toys, Pads, Blanket, Treats, Games and a Brush.  

Some puppies can get motion sickness the first 30 minutes.  This does not stay and is only temporary.  Aussies LOVE to travel and it's just usually those first few trips they have to get used to the motion.  We will send you home with pads and towels.  
Your pup will be very happy riding on your lap and will more than likely sleep the whole way. 
Some people do prefer to put in a crate and that works too, but if anybody knows an Aussie they know how much they just want to be with you on TOP
of you, lol.  
*WE LOVE this car hammock for traveling to keep the car clean when the dogs get older or even when they are puppies and you don't want them traveling on your lap, this is a MUST HAVE!

click here to order car hammock!

We cannot express enough how passionate we are about our pups and want the best for our pup and YOU!  It's LIFETIME Breeder Support, we are always here for you Prior and After.  We love to stay connected and watch our pups grow up with their new Families. 
More importantly than anything is we have over 30 years experience with Aussies, we may or may not have the answers to your worries or concerns but encourage you to always feel comfortable enough to reach out at ANYTIME!  We can't stress enough .....WE ARE ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU, we are just a text or phone call away! 

We can't wait for you to meet your pup and we THANK YOU so much for entrusting our Program at 3/W Farms!  

Stacey - 864-992-8664
Lana -   864-992-4269
Jim -    864-992-8649
Cody - 864-323-7700
When you turn on our road don't make any turns, stay on
Mount Vernon Rd. sometimes GPS will have you turn a road early
We are the first farm on the road. 
As you approach our property you will see white fence on both sides of the road and horses, occasionally they will  show off and run with you as you're driving up the fence line. Keep driving.....
You will then go past the horse barn and driveway.  You may even see some horses getting exercised on the walker/exerciser 
you will then go past the "Puppy Palace" and probably spot a whole lot of "puppy play"  going on ......keep going!
You will then see our red brick house and you will turn in the house driveway!  We will be out to greet you and bring you in the house.  It usually takes 30-45 minutes to go over everything.  
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